Mustache Wax – How to Choose, Apply, and Remove

You put in the work to sculpt a physique. You should apply the same effort to sculpt that patch of hair that sits gloriously above your upper lip. Mustache wax is not only used to give personality and flair to your mustache. It is also used to tame it so that it’s manageable. Nobody wants to taste their own whiskers along with all the bacteria caught between them.

You shouldn’t either.

But with so many options to choose from and all the fancy terminology that comes with it – how do you choose the right one? How do you style your mustache with it? I’m here to help you.

Let’s jump straight into it. Shall we?

4 Factors to Choosing the Right Mustache Wax

There are a few things you should consider before jumping the gun and buying the first mustache wax product you come across. Here are the questions you should ask yourself to make an informative decision to buy the best mustache wax.

How strong of a hold do you need?

There are 4 different strengths you can choose from when selecting your wax: light/medium, medium, strong, or extra strong.

Like hairstyling wax, the hold of your mustache wax should meet your personal needs. How long are the hairs on your mustache? How coarse is it? A light/medium strength hold will work well for shorter mustaches. While a medium hold will help to style those longer whiskers or keep them away from your mouth. If you find that you’re having difficulty styling a longer mustache due to having coarse hair, try using a strong hold.

If you’re attempting a particularly complex mustache style, an extra strong hold wax would be a better choice.

Are the ingredients of high quality?

Generally, you want to use a mustache wax that consists of natural and organic ingredients. Try to stay away from synthetic ingredients such as petroleum jelly. Look for waxes that contain beeswax and natural oils and butter, as these are indicators of a good wax.

Do you like the scent?

Most people don’t consider this as a factor, but it’s worth noting since you’ll smell your mustache throughout your entire day. Pick a scent that you won’t get sick of smelling all day, but also keep in mind of any sensitivity to certain scents.

What is the color of the wax?

Mustache wax comes in a variety of colors, and it’s important to choose a color that will blend in naturally with the color of your mustache and beard.


Here’s How to Apply Mustache Wax

  1. Try to use wax that comes in a tin as this is a good indicator of high quality, natural or organic ingredients. For best results, I suggest warming up the wax before applying it to your mustache. You can either heat it up with a hair dryer or run the closed tin of wax under hot water.
  1. Once the wax is warm, you’ll be able to take a small amount of the wax. Rub it between your thumb and index finger in a circular motion, softening the wax for use.
  1. Starting from the center, work the wax in while spreading it out towards the ends of your mustache. Then, grab your mustache comb and slowly run it through to evenly spread the wax throughout your mustache. Now, you’ll be able to easily achieve your desired mustache shape.
  1. It will take trial and error before being able to judge the right amount of wax you need for the length of your mustache. It is better to start with a small amount of wax and add more as you need it.
  1. Don’t get alarmed if your mustache appears greasy at first. It will harden once the wax dries up.

What NOT to Do When Waxing Mustaches

  • Applying mustache oils before waxing. The oil will soften the wax as you are putting it on.
  • Being too rough when applying wax or styling your mustache. Due to the strength of the hold of the wax, you might pull out your mustache hairs.
  • Putting too much wax on. Get familiar with how strong the consistency of your wax is. Apply a small amount to start, applying more as needed. Be patient, and let the wax dry to judge if you need more.

Time to Remove the Mustache Wax

Remove the mustache wax every night. Leaving it in will naturally cause your pores to clog leading to unwanted acne. It is best to avoid using soap to wash out the wax as modern soaps contain detergents, which will damage your hair. Instead, invest in an oil-based mustache wax remover and conditioner.

All it takes is to lightly cover your mustache with the remover and let it sit for a minute or two. This will bond with the wax and loosen its hold. Finally, use your mustache comb to gently rake the wax out of your mustache before rinsing it with warm water. You might want to leave the oils in your mustache overnight to keep it healthy.

Final Thoughts

Styling your mustache takes time and patience. With the mix of the right products and guidance, your mustache will go from looking damned to dapper. Which mustache wax is your go-to? If you’ve got any tips that haven’t been mentioned, feel free to share in the comments below!

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